PEERCEIVE® – is an everyday peer-to-peer recognition program where co-workers and management collaborate to acknowledge each other for their work achievements.


What good is having organizational values if you can’t utilize them every day? Peerceive® ingrains corporate ideals in your employees interactions, helping them to understand the direction your business is headed and lead by example.
Peerceive® integrates directly with various HRIS systems so that your employee data is always up-to-date. Push personnel changes and important events to increase visibility without introducing manual processes.
When your workers are recognizing good behaviors, they are giving recognition which isn’t difficult. We’ve created Peerceive® in a way that allows you to give recognition from the heart, effectively and efficiently.
Administrators are greeted with info-graphics displaying a high level overview of the program. Review further to discover engagement levels and the history of all events within Peerceive®.

Want to add certain approval processes, or additional programming with your peer-to-peer program?

You’ve got options!
Our platform is continuously evolving.

Recognize from your phone, tablet or computer – our SAAS looks great at any size. For best performance, we recommend the latest versions of Safari, Chrome and IE10+.

Create a Culture of Recognition

A culture of recognition is about valuing individuals as human beings, while acknowledging their impact on the business and their intention to grow and have impact, which is especially important when they fail.

Five Steps to Creating a Culture of Recognition


Live your company values. Leaders need to continually reflect their company values in the way they conduct themselves and model behavior.


Amplify others. To foster a culture of employee appreciation, the most important thing a person can do is show gratitude for someone else’s work as well as how they elevate others to reach the desired goal.


Celebrate effort and intention, not just outcomes. An idea with a successful result should be rightly celebrated, but so should failures if the motivations and intent were on target. This requires managers to take a “long view” of their talent teams, to develop open and collaborative relationships where they can encourage innovation and experimentation.


Offer rewards that are meaningful and inclusive. It’s not effective to give basketball tickets to someone with no interest in the game. Likewise, taking the team out for drinks after work can exclude people who avoid alcohol. A thoughtful leader takes the time to get to know members of their team and reward them in ways that will be personally meaningful. In most instances, what employees really want is an acknowledgment of their efforts.


Listen and take action. This is the game changer. Collecting feedback and creating the space for meaningful dialogue about it is the # 1 way managers can show they value their teams. If employees feel heard and can participate in the conversation, a continuous cultural improvement cycle can be established.

Strengthen the Team Identity

Encourage team bonding over shared successes while deepening their connection to company goals. Reward and recognize positive behavior such as safety compliance is a sure way to guarantee more members of your team will want to get on board. Remember, the most powerful word in your leadership vocabulary is….


App Capabilities

Social Engagement


Bring your program into the 21st century. Available on different technology devices and the ability to share through social networks.



Improve morale, help employees feel more connected and strengthen workplace culture.



Incorporate your brand through full customization.

Awarding Gamification


Engage staff and motivate going ‘above and beyond’ with goal-based campaigns and team based events.

API Suite


Log in to multiple software systems
with a single ID and password.

Admin and Management Tools


Behind the scene access to data, reports and more.



Identify patterns, bias in the workplace and overall team dynamics.



Immediately be aware of company activities and announcements.

Cultural Impact

Cultural Impact

Positive recognition encourages a continual cycle of feedback.

Employee Retention

Employee Retention

Companies that use peer-to-peer systems experience lower voluntary turnover rates.



When your workers are recognizing good behaviors, they’re learning to model those same actions themselves.

Customer Satisfaction
Increased Customer Satisfaction

When organizations leverage peer-to-peer recognition, employees go the extra mile.



With PEERCEIVE® the recognition experience is the same, whether working from the office, satellite office or home office.
Stronger Business Results

Stronger Business Results

Organizations with strategic recognition methods are 12 times more likely to have a strong and growing business.

Peerceive Illuminating

Bring your Program to Life with a Daily Recognition Board

PEERCEIVE® delivers an innovative and customizable workplace recognition solution that nurtures employee engagement. Post comments, add likes or attach Gifs, send recognition’s and include documents, photos and even videos.

Showcase the announcements section a bit more focused on company sponsored events, charitable campaigns, blood drives, etc.



Custom Branding Features

Ability to add or edit your company logo. You are also able to customize colors to match your branding guidelines. Promote your company values by creating unique badges and specifically assigning them to a value, campaign or incentive.


SSO Capabilities

The authentication process allows a user to access multiple applications with one set of log-in credentials. A common procedure in enterprises, where a client accesses multiple resources connected to a local area network.



Always see who’s celebrating a big milestone, peer to peer, management to peer, and birthdays. Improve morale, help employees feel more connected and strengthen workplace culture. Send birthday notifications or annual work milestones.


Create Challenges for Employees to Achieve

Create teams based on your organizational structure (i.e. divisions, departments, locations, etc.) for managers to recognize their staff.


Multiple Media Platforms

Enjoy PEERCEIVE® anywhere by using your personal or professional computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.


Social Network

Enjoy the ease to send emails or send push notifications to alert employees of important updates, such as being recognized or when a new campaign is starting. Have the ability to share through multiple social networks.

Peerceive Mobile Freindly


A collaborative effort of a group to achieve a common goal or to complete a task in the most effective and efficient way. This concept is seen within the greater framework of a team, which is a group of interdependent individuals who work together towards a common goal.

Merchandise Experience

Give your employees a choice of rewards.


Badges can be attached to a recognition post or can be used as campaign rewards.


Employee-to-employee recognition keeps employees connected and informed of others’ great achievements.


Promote teamwork and motivation by custom challenges, campaigns and team events. Hold events based on your company core values. Use these activities as incentives for staff to strengthen workplace culture.

Group Recognition

Create teams based on your organizational structure (i.e. divisions, departments, locations, etc.) for managers to recognize their staff.

Redeem Points

Earn points and use for merchandise, your favorite online stores, or retailers.


See your companies program pulse data, pull reports, recognize budgets, edit employees and much more…


See your company program pulse data and pull reports. Ability to run ad-hoc reports. Ability to view if company goals were reached. Review the percentages of employee engagement.

Recognize Budgets

Set budgets by role so that managers and employees have a maximum amount of points they can use to recognize others each month.

Company Data

Locate your companies program data and pull financial reports. Easy access to add, edit and delete employees. Use the Bulk Upload feature to add employees, then edit or delete accounts in PEERCEIVE® anytime. No Human Resource Information System (HRIS) required.
Peerceive Fit
Activity Tracker
Activity Tracker
Calorie Tracker
Heart Rate Monitor
Heart Rate
Peerceive Fit App
Peerceive Fit is a corporate wellness app designed from the ground up for enterprises
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