Create a Culture of Recognition

Give your employees the tools to inspire and appreciate daily.


An everyday peer-to-peer recognition program where co-workers and managers come together to nominate one another for their great work.

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- Benefits -

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Cultural Impact

Positive recognition encourages a continual cycle of feedback.

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Employee Retention

Companies that use peer-to-peer systems experience lower voluntary turnover rates.

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When your workers are recognizing good behaviors, they’re learning to model those same actions themselves.

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Increased Customer Satisfaction

When organizations leverage peer-to-peer recognition, employees go the extra mile.

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With Peerceive, the recognition experience is the same, whether working from HQ, satellite office or home.

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Stronger Business results

Organizations strategic recognition methods are 12 times more likely to have strong business.

- Program Features -

Align with

Company Values

What good is having organizational values if you can’t utilize them every day? Peerceive ingrains corporate ideals in your employees interactions, helping them to understand the direction your business is headed and lead by example.

Integrate with your

Existing System

Peerceive integrates directly with various HRIS systems so that your employee data is always up-to-date. Push personnel changes and important events to increase visibility without introducing manual processes.

Peerceive’s interface is

Simple to Use

Giving recognition isn’t difficult. We’ve created Peerceive in a way that allows you to give recognition from the heart, effectively and efficiently.

Determine ROI with built-in

Reporting Tools

Administrators are greeted with infographics displaying a high level overview of the program. Delve further to discover engagement levels & the history of all events within Peerceive.

Peerceive gives you


Want to add certain approval process, or additional program alongside your peer-to-peer program? You’ve got options! Our platform is continuously evolving.

Our solution is

Convenient & Adaptable

Recognize from your phone, tablet or computer - our SaaS looks great at any size. For best performance, we recommend the latest versions of Safari, Chrome and IE10+.